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Yes, a Two Half-Wheel Bike is a Thing and it’s Kind of Brilliant

When we browse the internet, there are a lot of things out there that leave us scratching our heads and wondering “why?”. Apparently, though, when other individuals think of these scenarios, the question that comes to their heads is “why not?”.

This time, apparently, the burning question was if you could take both halves of one wheel and have them operate separately as a single entire wheel – confusing, I know. I’m not really sure what scenario this would make sense in but the answer is a resounding “yes!”

In order to demonstrate this, a YouTube creator name The Q took it upon himself to weld together a bicycle frame that was a little bit longer than the norm. With this elongated frame, the creator would then take two halves of the same wheel, modify them a little bit, and mount them so that they would form one complete wheel. It’s kind of something that you have to see to truly get your mind wrapped around.

When the bike proceeds forward, one wheel touches the ground while the other is in the air. As both wheels continue to spin, the wheel that was once on the ground is now hanging in the air and vice versa. With that, at all times, there is a wheel on the ground and rotating just as it was intended to do.

Naturally, something like this is probably more of a novelty or party trick than anything. Clearly, just sourcing another wheel would likely be more realistic. However, for somebody looking to build a neat custom bike, a project like this is definitely going to be one that turns heads. It’s not every day that we see the levitating wheel trick after all. Be sure to catch it down in the video below because this is something that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

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