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Walking Bicycle is the Over-Engineered Marvel That Dreams Are Made Of

Where there is the perfectly engineered object, there’s certainly somebody thinking about over-engineering it. Now, in most cases, over-engineering is likely something that is done by accident. Sometimes, certain companies might think that it’s a good idea to introduce a new feature that just isn’t necessary over complicates things in a way that isn’t worth the payoff that comes with this added feature.

Other times, though, over-engineering can be something that’s done intentionally, either for fun or to prove some sort of point.

It would appear as if this particular creation was over-engineered for the purpose of fun and creating a pretty awesome YouTube video. While the end product isn’t something that we necessarily think would make it to store shelves, it is incredibly cool to watch come together and even cooler to watch as it hops into motion.

When the creator who goes by The Q on YouTube wanted to put some of his skills to the test, he would come up with an idea that’s truly unique. Instead of a typical bicycle that rolls along as one would expect it to, he wanted to do something entirely different. In place of the wheel on the rear, an entire system of mechanical legs would be built so that this bike would propel itself like no other.

Down in the video below, we get to check in with this unique creation as the idea goes from a drawing to a mock-up and eventually, to the real thing. In the video, it really looks like an easy task to bring all of this together. However, we would venture to think that creating something like this is not so simple. Instead, it most likely comes on the back of lots of trial and error as well as a lot of investment in engineering expertise.

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