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“You Can Have This Lexus if You Can Get it Started” – Fixed it With a Paperclip

Sometimes, you just find yourself in a position that seems too good to be true. After doing your diligence to make sure that it is the real deal, maybe the rewards can actually end up being pretty awesome. For one YouTube creator by the name of LegitStreetCars, that was exactly what he would run into. Apparently, a fan-shot over a message that said he had something that was free if our host at LegitStreetCars could get it started.

Even though the Lexus did need a little bit of work, we certainly wouldn’t turn down something that’s not very old with only 100,000 miles or so on the clock. Heck, if you can put it on the street, we’re not sure that we would turn down a free car at all!

The only catch to this transaction was that our host had to figure out a way to get this thing started. As it had been sitting for quite some time, that might’ve been a little bit of a challenge. However, the man behind it all definitely had a plan and seemed up for it as we begin to dig into the luxury sedan.

After doing a little bit of poking and prodding around, eventually, it seemed like the issue stemmed back to the brake switch. On a car like this, when the brake pedal is pushed down, it manually triggers a switch that will then allow the vehicle to be turned on. As it turns out, when the vehicle was parked, that switch had gone bad.

Wanting to quickly troubleshoot the car and get it started, the man behind the effort would pull out a paper clip, using that paper clip to jump the brake switch, essentially tricking the computer into thinking that the brake pedal was pushed down. From there, the car would begin to crank and eventually startup.

At the end of the day, I guess that a little bit of effort was required to be invested here. However, we would also go so far as saying that this is about as close as it gets to a free meal.

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