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Young kid in Tesla P100D takes on drag cars at the drag strip!

Tesla Motors has put a surprising amount of focus on the performance of their all-electric car lineup, a move which has gotten the company quite a bit of attention in the racing world. While many companies focus on fuel economy, Tesla has laid claim to having the quickest production car on the planet with the P100D, while also making the world greener with its zero-emissions electric drivetrain.

The Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube has focused on the performance aspect of these battery-powered rides and recently took their P100D to compete in the 7.00 Index class at Farmington Dragway in Mocksville North Carolina and ends up not only being competitive in the class, but taking the win! The driver shows some impressive bracket racing skills – he would lose if he went quicker than 7.00 so he hits the brakes on the top end – and cuts some very impressive reaction times, putting him into the finals. Facing off with a purpose-built drag car, the Tesla holds its own and actually took the win. Both cars ran under the 7.00 Index and the Chevrolet Camaro drag car ran farther under, handing the win to the Tesla.

With the capabilities to run in the 6-second zone in the 1/8th mile, the Tesla P100D is without a doubt one of the all-time performance standouts, electric or otherwise. These are truly some badass rides!