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Your Eyes Will Boggle at the Amount of Detail in this Remote Control Machine

If you really dive into the world of remote control and take a close look, you’ll notice that it’s really amazing what people are able to accomplish. Just when you thought that detail and intricate modification were reserved for the bigger toys in life, one look at this community will show you that the pieces within can really be combined in a way that’s worth admiration. Some of the individuals that choose to take on such modifications can really create masterpieces on a smaller physical scale this one is certainly no different as it really has some eye-popping features that will cause you to do a double take.

When you check this thing out, the first thing that pops out to you is that it looks like it started off as a Volkswagen Beetle but when you dig deeper, you eventually get tons of Mad Max vibes along with all sorts of different rat rod components that appear to have inspiration from across the board.

Long story short, there is a ton to look at and take in here and you might even have to watch his video twice in order to be able to appreciate all of the painstaking attention that the creator of this mini machine obviously paid to the detail within in order to make something that is really a lot more than just your average scaled vehicle.

Be sure to follow along down in the video below and you’ll be able to see “Tiny Tin’s Heavy Bug” in all of its glory. You’re definitely going to want keep your eyes peeled here because if you blink, you might just miss one of the many features that go into painting a cohesive picture with this wild creation. After looking over this one, be sure to chime in with what your favorite feature is and how this artist really went above and beyond in making sure that they made a piece that was really something to talk about.