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YouTuber Builds The Ultimate Spa Day Car, a Drivable Hot Tub

If you have ever heard of YouTube personality, Colin Furze, you probably associate him with doing all kinds of bonkers experiments that really push the limits on reality and sometimes, making you scratch your head and wonder where he exactly synthesizes such ideas. In either case, he seems like one of those guys who, no matter what he’s doing, can’t help but keep your focus trained on his next move. No matter what he’s up to, it always seems to be something that grabs your interest and pulls you in, making you watch from start to finish as your brain keeps reshaping itself and trying to wrap itself around exactly what’s going on on screen.

This time, we get another off-the-wall Furze experiment as he takes his very own garage built creation out for a joyride in a drivable hot tub in the form of a BMW. To make this thing even crazier, it’s wrapped in some extravagant green astroturf and fitted with a functional grill at the rear of the car. It doesn’t really seem like the German motoring machine has very much purpose outside of maybe being the ultimate tailgating accessory but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s an incredibly cool toy! This thing certainly would be a head turner if you were seen anywhere in public with it, that’s for sure!

Follow along in the video down below as Colin takes a car for the nice little journey, sloshing the water around and even adding bubbles thanks to some leaf blowers and a little bit of soap to make the action even better, all while his buddy is hanging out of the back and attempting to grill some burgers while water is sloshing over the sides. It’s certainly a dysfunctional adventure, to say the least, and one that really deserves your attention. Like we said, you can’t go wrong with one of this guy’s videos, so be sure to sink yourself into the action below.