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YouTuber Explains Why The McLaren F1 Is The “Greatest Car Ever Made”

Throughout the history of the performance automobile, there have been a lot of awesome candidates to choose from. Across nations and different brands, we have seen some truly great cars and trucks come into existence. However, in order to be considered to be the greatest of all time, a vehicle has to be something really special. Just think about how many hours of research and development have gone into making sure the greats cemented their legacy. With that in mind, a lot of brain racking has to be done in order to make sure that we can track down which are the best of the best.

In this particular video, we catch up with one of the most well-respected journalists in the industry. Doug DeMuro has constructed opinions on all sorts of different cars from the exotic realm to luxury and even common machines. However, when it comes to which one he says is the”best,” there’s only one candidate to get the job done. This opinion isn’t necessarily one that’s controversial but instead might be one of the more popular choices. I mean, how hard is it to fall in love with the likes of the McLaren F1?

Down below, we get a solid look at the F1 in all of its glory. Of course, it’s presented in a way that only DeMuro can provide. For most people, the $16 million price tag that comes along with the F1 isn’t really obtainable. However, that isn’t to say that it takes it out of the running for the best car to ever exist. It seems like Doug has quite the collection of ideas behind why he thinks the McLaren belongs at the top. After checking this one out, be sure to chime in and tell us which vehicle you think really deserves the title of the best to ever exist.