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YouTuber Gives 40 Millionth Subscriber 40 Cars With a Really Confusing Plot Twist

It’s pretty crazy that with a platform like YouTube, just anybody could come along and have the whole entire world become fans. Most of the time, it takes a very focused and concerted effort in order to go viral on the platform these days. However, in 2020, the door is still wide open for anybody with a good idea and a way to execute to truly go viral.

These days, one of the fastest-growing channels goes by the name of Mr. Beast. For those who have yet to hear of him, of which there are probably few, he basically has made a living by giving things away. Essentially, this started out small. After making a sum of money from a viral video or two, he decided that the best way to go more viral would be to start giving it away.

What started as surprising random food service workers with massive tips turned into giving away bigger things like houses and cars. It seems as if the goal in many of his videos is to one-up the giveaway done in the last video. It doesn’t seem as if there’s any sort of rhyme or reason to the person that he ends up selecting to win. Most of the experiments seem to be purely random. In this case, the person who won just so happened to selected because he was the 40 millionth subscriber in a giveaway that Mr. Beast didn’t even announce until the video was filmed and uploaded.

In this giveaway, the subject of discussion was not just a single car but instead 40 of them. As advertised, Mr. Beast would go to the home of the winner of the contest and pull out 40 decent looking automobiles.

When getting to the house, Mr. Beast asked the winner if he had a use for 40 cars to which the answer was obviously “No.” In a kind of confusing plot twist, it seems as if the winner was presented with a choice. If he were able to give away all 40 of the automobiles with in the next 24 hours, he would get the keys to a brand new Tesla Model 3 that had a custom wrap on board.

A fully loaded Model 3 costs $81,000. The value of the 40 cars here isn’t explicitly stated. However, at the beginning of the video, Mr. Beast one of his cohorts are playing a guessing game in which we learn that the collection costs more than $300,000 at least. We wouldn’t be shocked to hear that the number was pretty far beyond that.

However, in a storyline that ends up being a little bit murky, the challenge is on to get rid of all of these automobiles within the 24-hour window. At the end of the day, keeping the collection and selling it would probably be a lot smarter than giving them all the way in the name of a car that likely doesn’t even cost $80,000. However, it was probably still nice to be able to hook up the entire community of friends and family with an unexpected gift.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in with the pure mayhem of giving away 40 cars to people who were entirely unsuspecting of the gesture.