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YouTuber Slapped With 18 Charges Over Viral Ram TRX Jump Video

As we have seen with online content producers before, when a lot of eyes find their work, sometimes, among those eyes are the wrong sets of eyes.

For automotive YouTuber, StreetSpeed717, that was exactly the case, as he explained in one of his recent videos.

Those who have been following along with the channel have likely seen him having his way with a brand new Ram TRX. These trucks that are going to cost buyers at least $90,000 have been a hot ticket item. However, our host has decided to put one through the wringer, absolutely beating the life out of it and eventually setting it on fire.

To viewers and our host alike, it appeared, for all intents and purposes, as if all of these actions were in line with rules and regulations. Sure, if we browse the comment section, we’re sure to find more than just a couple of people who were a little bit bitter about the truck being destroyed. However, legally, we would’ve been hard-pressed to find anything wrong with these videos, especially given the fact that they were recorded on private property.

However, it seems as if the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission had a different opinion.

On the most recent StreetSpeed717 video, we learn that these acts resulted in 18 charges, including “Two counts of Disturbance of Waterways and Watersheds, six counts of Pollution of Waters, six counts of Littering, and four counts of Misuse of Property and Waters. This would equate to eight third-degree misdemeanor charges, four second-degree summary offenses, and six first-degree summary offenses.”

Shoutout to The Drive as their leg work was able to show what people previously charged similarly ended up dealing with. They tell us, “Other individuals who were previously convicted under these laws have been ordered to pay civil damages, resulting in restitution to the Commonwealth for damage to fish, commercial resale value, the replacement cost of fish based on the angling value, and more.”

In the video below, we get to hear all about it from our host, himself, as he defends his case, as he tries to defend his case!

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