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ZR1 Mega Mix Makes Us Want to Head To The Track!

Love or hate Chevy, it’s really hard to argue with some of the leaps that they have taken with the Corvette ZR1 platform. It seems as if, with each and every generation, the ZR1 is found pushing the envelope even farther. While it certainly isn’t the cheapest car on the block, in terms of bang for your buck, the ZR1 almost seems to stand up to the offerings of most supercars at a fraction of the price. In fact, if the discussion is about factory performance, many would probably throw this car into the mix of being one of the best that money can buy.

This time, we take a little stroll down what is becoming memory lane with the last generation of Corvette ZR1 showing its face at the Quick 30 Race in Houston, Texas. All of the cars featured here from the sixth generation of Corvette have been modified in different ways. However, each one brings their own something special to the table as they each find a way to hustle down the track in impressive time. Long story longer, It might be really hard to watch this one without wanting to head to the dragstrip.

By following along with the clips below from the guys over at High Tech Corvette, we get to tune in with this variety of Corvettes that really promises to wet the whistle of ZR1 fans. Even though the C6 ZR1 came out a decade ago, we still can’t help but be impressed at the fact that simple modifications have this thing soaring toward single digits. Once a little bit heavier route of modification hits the ZR1, it’s pretty much game over for most of the competition that will find itself in the next lane over. Be sure to crank the speakers up for this one!