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Angry Guest Drives Sports Car Into Hotel Lobby

Can you think of the time when you were the angriest in your life?

I’m sure that everybody has their very own unique answer to the question of when they were the angriest. All of us have certain things in life that can push our buttons from time to time and have us seeing red. However, I am not sure that very many people were angry enough to the point where they decided that they wanted to drive their car through a hotel lobby. Ok, maybe some of us have been that angry but were just a little bit better at controlling our emotions like an adult.

However, when one hotel guest in Shanghai, China had an argument with the hotel manager, he decided to take things to an all-new level. Fellow guests were likely a little bit confused as well as terrified when they saw the sports car make its way through the entrance to the hotel lobby. This infuriated guest acted as if he were in a movie, smashing through the front glass before making his way to the lobby. When he was there, he drove around in circles, doing serious damage to the building and his own car alike.

While some bystanders ran to escape, others surrounded the car in an attempt to try to get the man to stop which wasn’t a success. Definitely wouldn’t recommend standing next to a car that’s piloted by someone who is crazy enough to drive through a window but that’s another story.

Eventually, the driver was arrested and there were no injuries during the incident. It is said that he was upset about a stolen laptop and apparently he got an answer that he wasn’t too happy with from the hotel staff.

It seems like it might be time for someone to seek out a bit of anger management therapy.

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