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Exotic Car Connoisseur Exposes Biggest Flaw With the 2023 Corvette Z06

As is par for the course, Chevrolet has released the C8 Corvette Z06 after getting some wind under its wings with the base model C8 for a couple of years. It seems as if enthusiasts are excited about the model and it even comes with a pretty impressive spec sheet when compared to the base model car. However, not everybody seems to be entirely impressed by the offering that Chevrolet has come to the table with.

This time, we check in with automotive YouTuber, superspeedersRob, as he dissects his thoughts about the C8 Z06 as it compares to the base model C8. Our host is somebody who has been around a lot of high-end cars as he operates his own exotic rental car company. Therefore, he couldn’t help but compare the C8 Z06 to some other exotic nameplates.

In his argument against the model, Rob says that the car doesn’t offer quite enough visual wow factor to justify the difference in price between itself and the base model. The difference between the two is about $100,000 on the secondhand market or about $40,000 in the sticker price.

Basically, the argument follows that there isn’t quite a big enough visual difference to entice people to think of the Z06 as an icon. Instead, he infers that the car is nothing more than just another trim level that will be forgotten in the history books. Perhaps this is a function of the base model being too good looking but it’s hard to deny that a casual Corvette fan might not notice the difference between the two models aside from the wheel package.

Below, our host goes over some of the differences between the two cars and gives his argument for what he thinks Chevrolet should’ve done. It seems as if our host would prefer the Z06 to be its own experience. Instead, he argues that it simply falls short.