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$2 Million Porsche Carerra GT Sets Record for Bring a Trailer Auctions

Very rare is the opportunity to get your hands on a highly sought-after machine like a Porsche Carrera GT with just 250 miles. For Porsche enthusiasts, such an example would represent the closest opportunity possible to having a brand-new version of the hard-to-obtain model.

With that said, when such an example went up for bid on the car auction site, Bring a Trailer, the Carerra GT from Chicago Motor Cars managed a record-setting $2,000,000 final bid.

That’s not just a record for this particular model but the bid also finds itself in the Bring a Trailer record book as the highest value bid ever placed on the auction site. Records show that another Carrera GT held the record at $1.9 million from an auction earlier this year.

The new owner is going to be taking possession of one of just 1,270 examples of the Carrera GT ever made. We would be left to assume that over the years, that total population has not only decreased but this might just be the most pristine example out there, making it quite a rare bird.

Per the listing, this particular example features “GT Silver Metallic over Terracotta leather and power comes from a 5.7-liter V10 mated to a six-speed manual transaxle with a limited-slip differential. Features include staggered-width forged magnesium wheels, a ceramic-composite clutch, brake rotors, an electronically actuated rear spoiler, removable roof panels, air conditioning, and a Porsche Online Pro CD stereo.”

The machine is a mix of V10 power and carbon fiber so perfectly crafted that the iconic exotic is sure to only go up in value as a piece of art as well as a collectible car.

For those in the market for an exotic who just so happened to miss out on this bid, Chicago Motor Cars is also offering up another pristine machine at the moment.

At a current bid of $282,000, we find a spotless 1994 Ferrari 512 TR that is another picturesque exotic, complete with a 4.9L flat-12 paired with a 5-speed manual transaxle. Of course, as a Ferrari should be, the car is coated in Rosso Corsa red over Pelle Nera leather. If the flip-up headlights weren’t a dead giveaway, the 16k-kilometer European-market Ferrari is filled with all of the nostalgia of 90s exotics. It is also available in a no-reserve auction.