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$200k+ Vintage Shelby Stolen, Unrecognizable When Located, One In Custody

In what feels more like a crime against humanity instead of just another vehicle stolen, a vintage Shelby Mustang disappeared from a warehouse in Oklahoma. The spotless machine would be stolen in one piece but when it was found, it was anything but a complete car, unfortunately.

Tulsa police say that it took about three weeks between being stolen and then finding the car for a recovery to happen. The Shelby was found alongside a stolen dump truck and a stolen SUV. However, neither one of those rides hits the heartstrings as hard as Shelby does. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that all of the vehicles were recovered but Shelby was really something special.

It would appear as if thieves took it upon themselves to dismantle and part out this pristine muscle machine. The assessed value of the car before it was stolen was about $200,000, quite the chunk of change. Heck, people take out mortgages for less that!

We haven’t been told exactly what the future of the car will be, though, now that it sits in pieces.

Down in the video below, we were able to dig into what exactly happened to this car in the steps that were taken to recover it. Even though the remains of the car are back in the hands of its rightful owner, this one definitely hits us where it hurts. While the car was recovered, there is no mention of if anybody was arrested in the process or not. I’m no expert car thief or anything but I would venture to think that moving pristine parts like this would be relatively difficult and hopefully those responsible for the crime get flagged and are held responsible for their actions.

Hopefully, this beautiful car is able to come back together once again!


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