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541 Dirt Bikes Starting a Race at the Same Time is a Formula for Complete CHAOS

For those who like to compete on two wheels, the Bassella off-road festival is one of the most extreme ways to do so. In a competition that brings together over 500 bikes that start a race at the same time in the same space, we really see some insanity go down in the dirt.

To some extent, it almost seems as if a race like this where 541 motorcycles get rolling at the starting line is asking for chaos. However, every part of us is fully dialed in, waiting to see what happens when all of these machines are unleashed at the exact same time, forcing the racers down a cattle chute that most certainly will not accommodate all of them. It’s going to take a good amount of courtesy and collaboration to figure out who goes where, especially given that it is a competition, after all.

In fact, when some of the footage from the race was uploaded to YouTube, the individual by the name of David Navarro who posted it said that it was “The craziest race start ever.”

It’s hard to refute that fact as we watch and wait for this giant herd of bikes to compete for a small amount of space. Incredibly, they do manage to make their way from the starting line without much of a hiccup. However, as the course gets a little bit more intricate and requires twists, turns, and a small hill climb that some of the competitors aren’t able to make their way up, the traffic really begins to catch up with the pack.

Below, we check in with what is best described as pure chaos as this variety of racers does their best to stay upright and proceed forward. When one rider goes down, the chain reaction that ensues is enough to stress anybody out. Fortunately, it looks like the riders in the event were able to stay civilized enough to be able to make their way through the first couple of turns without trampling anybody.

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