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A Triple Jet Engine Go-Kart You’d be MAD to Drive

The formula for speed is rather simple at its core. Sure, there are lots of other small tweaks and factors to consider. However, when it comes right down to it, the three most important factors to going fast are power, weight, and traction. More or less, if somebody gets all three of these correct, their ride should perform its heart out.

This time, we check out a rig that is built for speed and has all three of these things down pat. Off the bat, we can eliminate traction from the equation immediately. As this go-kart is powered by a jet engine (or 3 of them), the propulsion from the engine isn’t powering the wheels. Instead, it’s just pushing the kart along like a plane.

From there, we head to the weight category. I don’t think that it necessarily takes an engineer or any sort of genius to understand that a go-kart frame like this is probably about as lightweight as it’s going to get. These things have been known to rip with the right power plant.

This naturally transitions us into the previously mentioned jet engine power. When all is said and done, the propulsion is enough to make this monster of a machine power its way to insane speeds. Just imagine the power of three engines of any variety backing up something with such a small footprint!

By following along with the video below from Warped Perception, we get to see this amazing creation in action as the result of lots of steps and revised engineering. Just when we thought that this was the type of thing that only happened in cartoons, this jet-powered go-kart comes to life.

We aren’t sure about you but we would love to take on this sketchy creation with a full head of steam. Who else is getting behind the wheel?