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Shawn Confronts Green Over Jump & His “Win”

When it comes to street racing, the dynamics differ significantly from the structured environment of a racetrack. While the objective remains the same – racing cars from point A to point B along a straight stretch, the nuances of street racing set it apart from the drag-strip experience, creating a unique and unpredictable atmosphere.

A crucial distinction lies in the starting line procedures. At a drag strip, once a racer stage, they must maintain their position until the light turns green; any movement before that results in an automatic loss. However, on the streets, starting line protocols can vary. Take, for instance, an episode from Season 6 of Street Outlaws, where the discussion revolved around how a race should start.

In this specific format, the rule is simple: stage your car, and any movement afterward that causes a jump to the light results in an automatic loss. Shawn Ellington, with his ‘55 Chevy, found himself lining up against Morey Green and his Chevrolet Corvette in this scenario.

As the two cars sped down the street, Green appeared to secure victory. However, upon closer inspection, it seemed he might have jumped the line a little early.

At the race’s conclusion, Green seemed to acknowledge that his car might have inched forward prematurely. While he perceived it as a minor mistake deserving some leniency, Ellington and the race master were unwilling to grant any. The consensus was clear: the Corvette had violated the rules and lost.

The aftermath unfolded in a heated exchange between Green and Ellington. Despite Green’s attempt to rationalize his actions, it was evident that the rules were breached, leaving Ellington justified in claiming victory. The drama of street racing often lies not just in the speed of the cars but in the intricate rules and disagreements that unfold on the asphalt battleground.