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AI is Getting Weird – this Fake Chevy Commercial Proves It

Living in a timeline where artificial intelligence has dominated headlines over the past year has led to some intriguing and, at times, bizarre sequences of events. Today, almost anyone with a cell phone can input criteria into an AI interface and witness a range of results, spanning from artwork to advertisements and beyond.

Despite being in its infancy, AI has proven to be a versatile tool in various domains. Because of the progress it has made in such a short period of time, it seems like a technology that could end up creating some confusing situations as it gets closer and closer to imitating reality, but I digress.

In a rather obscure application of artificial intelligence, we encounter a fake Chevrolet commercial that takes a dark and unexpected turn.

The narrative surrounding American buying preferences has shifted towards larger vehicles, with sedans gradually disappearing from roadways and SUVs multiplying. Not only that but the SUVs become larger and larger with each iteration, too.

Enter the parody Chevrolet commercial featuring the Chevrolet Goliath, an oversized monster truck with a “V16 engine.” While intended as a joke, the humor stems from the realistic acknowledgment of the trend towards larger cars in the American market. In a quirky twist, the AI or the person guiding it seems to assume that those interested in purchasing the Goliath are substantially larger than the average human.

The commercial asserts that it caters to potential buyers who are just looking for “normal-sized” trucks, which ultimately turn out to be monster machines larger than anything we would ever see on the road today.

This particular piece of “art” is better witnessed than described, offering a glimpse into a dystopian future of Chevrolet commercials. If you’re curious or daring, click on the video below to explore this peculiar manifestation of AI creativity in the automotive realm.