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Airplane Lands on a Deer… Does NOT End Well For The Deer

Every once in a while, you might find yourself in a situation where you think you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time when something unfavorable unfolds, leaving you to wish that maybe you’d done something a little bit differently that day to steer your path a different direction. This time, we catch up with a situation that might just be the ultimate version of the wrong place at the wrong time as this poor deer ends up in a really bad situation and probably never had the opportunity to even see it coming.

We really have to warn you here because this one gets a little bit graphic but, for some reason, someone was filming the wheel of this airplane as it was about to touch down on the runway, when all of a sudden, the deer would dart in front of the aircraft that looks to be moving at a rather invasive rate of speed. Now, you don’t even actually get to see the deer in the clip as it meets the tire at high speed and pretty much explodes! Generally, videos like this are surrounded by the topic of what happens when a car meets an animal while traveling at a high rate of speed but this time, we have to say that things are just a little bit faster while moving in the same downward spiraling fashion.

Check out the video down below that shows you this moment when the deer gets sent into countless pieces. The bright side here is that the poor little guy probably didn’t even feel it and went out with a painless experience. After watching a video like this, you’ll remember just how lucky you are to be a human being who knows not to run out on a runway while there is a plane quickly approaching.

Well, at least most of us would have that common sense!

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