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Badass Veteran Not Phased as Thugs Attempt to Steal Car on Memorial Day

Of all days to choose to try and rob a veteran, Memorial Day probably isn’t the best choice. Well, actually, no day is a good day to rob anyone but… really guys?

However, that wouldn’t stop one group of boys who appeared to be teenagers in Milwaukee from attempting to do just that.

As a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran was heading to his garden, three men would approach him. One of the men was wielding a weapon and told the veteran to hand over the keys to his car. However, we’re going to go ahead and guess that this vet has faced a couple of evil men in his day. Therefore, he would remain incredibly cool under pressure.

We aren’t too sure that very many people would understand how to deal with a situation like this. However, as the vet had certainly faced danger in his life before, he had an idea of what to do here. While many would hand over the keys and there certainly wouldn’t be any shame in doing so, the man at gunpoint just decided to walk away. Apparently, this was enough for the would-be carjackers to retreat which seemed like the end of it.

The vet wasn’t done.

With what we presume would be the aim of tracking down the individuals and finding out who they were, the veteran would give chase, hopping in his car and following the men who had just threatened him. While no shots had been fired up until this point, apparently, this is when one of the young men decided to shoot, lacing the car with several bullet holes.

At the end of the day, fortunately, nobody was injured and the vet would be able to retain his vehicle. However, the situation was incredibly unfortunate, especially when considering the day that it had to happen.

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