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Alex Laughlin Talks Funny Car Debut, No Prep Kings for 2023

Don’t blink because if you do, you might just miss something that Alex Laughlin has accomplished as the racer is constantly on the move.

Before 2023 even kicked off, Laughlin would make a pretty huge announcement, letting the world know that he will be joining forces with one of the most storied names in drag racing. This will be the first year that Laughlin will be able to race from start to finish with one ride, that ride being a Nitro Funny Car with legendary Jim Dunn Racing.

While that exciting news broke at last year’s PRI event and is a huge development, it’s hardly where things stop for the star racer.

Instead, Laughlin seems to have his attention on a couple of different things as he joined the folks at Competition Plus for their Power Hour show which gave him a chance to talk about some of what’s upcoming and clear up some things that fans had questions on about his racing in the past.

The interview touches on a little bit of everything from the aforementioned jump to a Nitro Funny Car to some of the No Prep Kings callouts and controversies that were brewing around the water cooler last year. In other words, if you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be a professional racer on this level, Laughlin is spilling the beans on pretty much everything during this hour-long podcast. The interview really opens the doors to every last aspect of racing from the scenes relationships to funding that needs to come together for a team to compete.

After checking in with this interview, we would bet that a lot of fans would get an all-new appreciation for what some of their favorite racers are out there doing. At the end of the day, it’s not as simple as hopping in the car and punching the throttle.