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Alex Laughlin Discusses his Transition to Funny Car and More!

To the untrained eye, drag racing may appear deceptively simple. It seems like all you need to do is hop into a car with big fat tires, hit the throttle, and keep it pointed straight down the track. However, seasoned enthusiasts and racers understand the intricate complexities lurking beneath the surface. It takes an experienced and skilled driver to not only navigate the track but also shave off precious fractions of a second to outpace the competition.

NHRA competitor Alex Laughlin embodies this experience, having ventured through various classes of drag racing, from Pro Stock to Top Fuel, and most recently, Funny Car. In a recent interview with the NHRA YouTube channel, Laughlin candidly shares the challenges associated with his transition to Funny Car, dispelling the notion that the switch was a walk in the park.

Laughlin acknowledges that he may have underestimated the transition. While some might think shifting from door cars to Funny Cars would be relatively smooth, he highlights the unique set of challenges this new platform presents. In the interview, Laughlin emphasizes the substantial differences between the classes of cars, apart from the shared trait of remarkable acceleration. Everything from the steering to the feel of the car is completely different which provides an entirely new experience for the driver to tackle on his climb to the top with the Jim Dunn Racing Cunny Car program.

In the interview, Laughlin offers insight into the distinct driving habits and strategies that he feels he needs to rid himself of in order to acclimate to the world of Funny Car racing, shedding light on the complexities hidden behind the thunderous, high-speed spectacle that is drag racing.

Tune in with the clip below as Laughlin spills the beans on what exactly it means to hop behind the wheel of one of the most potent machines in all of racing.