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Street Outlaws – M*rder Nova Brings the ’55 Back to the Show!

It can be pretty wild how time flies when you’re having fun. For the folks on Street Outlaws, we would likely think that they probably feel like it was yesterday that the cameras were first coming around and putting their adrenaline pumping street action on television. However, this upcoming summer it will have been 10 years since the world’s first glimpse at the Street Outlaws.

During that time, things have most certainly changed. At the forefront of our minds, we can picture just how much the cars have changed. What started off as a relatively simple street racing endeavor has evolved to something that cost a ton of money to put on and, while fun to watch, is kind of hard to relate to for the average enthusiast.

However, the folks behind the show have decided that it’s time to take a bit of a U-turn and go backwards a bit to the show’s roots. With that, we find a small tire re-introduction as the current season of Street Outlaws is doing something a little bit simpler.

With that, we find a little bit more room for some familiar faces. Not only are competitors like Farmtruck and AZN  finding their way back into the mix. Some of the cars that we have been missing out on are going to be on screen as well. One of those machines just so happens to be the ’55 Chevy that has been hanging around in the garage of M*rder Nova aka Shawn Ellington.

This time, we tune in with a couple of minutes of the show that teases what’s coming up. In the initial episode, Ellington gave us a bit of a background on the car, talking about how he’s had it for 15 years and it has been 10 since he’s raced it. However, he does say that he’s pretty glad that the show is going back to set up like this because he gets a chance to race his car that’s “LS powered and simple.”

Sometimes, simple might not be the fastest but it can most definitely be the most rewarding.