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Alex Laughlin Wheels BlackBirdX Challenger to Record Setting 6-Second Pass, First in Factory X History

Drag racing mainstay, Alex Laughlin, has proven his prowess behind the wheel of various drag racing machines, including a number of classes that one would find under the NHRA umbrella with the latest being the Funny Car class. However, this versatile racer isn’t limited to just the fastest classes of drag racing, as he occasionally delves into rides that make less than the 10,000+ horsepower that he’s used to but can still be equally thrilling.

Just when you thought Laughlin was done with his adventures, a new and exciting challenge emerged, and he seized it with remarkable success.

In his latest endeavor, the drag racing jack of all trades took the wheel of Geoff and Jena Turk’s BlackbirdX Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. According to Drag Illustrated, Alex managed to achieve a groundbreaking milestone with this car, becoming the first to clock a 6-second pass under NHRA Factory Experimental rules. This remarkable feat took place at the iconic Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green.

The record-setting run, which saw Alex complete a 6.97-second pass at just over 199 mph, was just the cherry on the sundae of a spectacular day. The BlackbirdX Dodge Challenger Drag Pak displayed a remarkable series of consistent passes with Laughlin behind the wheel, including a 7.090 at 198.58 mph, 7.019 at 198.47 mph, and 7.003 at 198.79 mph before finally breaking into the 6-second range.

This accomplishment stands as a testament not only to Alex Laughlin’s exceptional driving skills but also to the exciting developments in drag racing. As temperatures drop and conditions become more favorable, these high-performance cars are truly able to unleash their full potential. With the right driver at the helm, these machines are capable of achieving remarkable feats, as demonstrated by Alex’s record-breaking run.

The video below from Power + Performance captures this thrilling moment where Alex Laughlin, with his expert driving, shatters records and shows the world what’s possible in the realm of Factory X.