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Amazon Delivery Drivers Reveal Challenges of One-Day Shipping

One of the hottest topics these days seems to revolve around Amazon and just how well its workers are treated. Naturally, with a company as big as Amazon, there’s going to be some disgruntled employees but some of the stories that we hear about being employed there seem pretty brutal.

One of the most recent stories to go around revolves around Amazon’s delivery drivers. As many of us know, one of the biggest appeals of shopping at a place like Amazon is convenience and speed. Not only can users find just about any product that they could ever want or need on Amazon’s app or website, but they can also click a button and in many cases have their order delivered to their front doorstep on the same day or the next day.

However, stories have been making their way out from Amazon’s delivery drivers saying that there’s quite a price to pay for that delivery. Some of these folks attest to the idea that quick delivery sometimes comes with the sacrifice of things like safety and basic human function. In some instances, we have even learned that employees or former employees have said that they’re not allowed to pull over to go to the bathroom or stop for stop signs.

So, with events like Amazon Prime Day that has tons of orders going out or holiday shipping times where gifts are constantly being shipped through Amazon, how exactly does the company operate? With such a high volume, there certainly there has to be a sacrifice made somewhere. In this report from CNBC, we got to find exactly where that sacrifice might just be straight from the mouths of employees. We also learn that maybe it’s something that Amazon wants to take another look at and perhaps think twice about.