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Electric Mustang Plows Through World Record, The Cobra Jet 1400 is on Top!

Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear as if the time has come where electric-powered performance racing is really becoming a force to be reckoned with. Right now, it seems as if the front runner in this environment is the all-electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400. The name is a little bit misleading because the car does create over 1500 hp at the rear wheels and it definitely shows.

This time, we head out to Norwalk, Ohio, for the NHRA Nationals as we watch the CJ 1400 lay down a world record. The standing record for a full-bodied electric car was actually set by the same vehicle. That record previously stood at 8.27-seconds at 168 mph in the quarter.

This time, the electric Mustang would line up at Norwalk with Tasca Shelby Mustang Nitro funny car driver, Bob Tasca III, behind the wheel. In quite an impressive pass, the machine would manage to span the quarter in 8.128-seconds to the tune of 171.97 mph. The new record lays down the law by more than another tenth of a second as this torque monster absolutely flies.

Down in the video below, we to check in with the new world record for a full-bodied electric car. As we understand the situation, the team behind the CJ 1400 is working to optimize this thing as we speak. We wouldn’t be shocked to soon find the car in the 7-second range and beyond. With this sort of technology, it’s also pretty important to remember that electric vehicle racing is still kind of in its infancy. While people have tinkered with the segment for a while now, actually seeing real effort invested in it by people who have experience and money to back up development is still relatively new.

Just how fast will electric vehicles get in the next couple of years? It’s going to be an interesting climb to watch.