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Angry Racer Turns Car Into a Weapon, Targets Competitor While Driving Backwards

Anyone who watches circle track racing of pretty much any variety knows that it’s a place where feelings can get a little bit fiery at times. Whenever there is a format that involves expensive race cars that can somehow end up running into one another, you can bet your bottom dollar that competitors are going to end up getting angry at each other at some point.

This time, we head to Bowman Gray Stadium to check in with the Street Stock series where things went incredibly awry and got downright dangerous when a driver attempted to go backward and ram an opponent.

The incident sparked up between racers Nick Wall and Nate Gregg who are said to have a long-standing rivalry with one another. As the announcer fills us in, this rivalry dates back before these drivers even started racing to their fathers and even grandfathers.

Apparently, when Gregg got into the back of Wall after a slow restart, effectively spinning out Wall, the spun driver who was now on the infield simply wasn’t going to take it.

Generally, an incident like this will be handled in the pits after the race but it seems as if Gregg was simply seeing red and let his emotions get the best of him. Instead of having it out verbally or even physically after getting out of the cars, Wall essentially turned his race car into a weapon. Not only did he put himself and his target in danger by turning around and driving backward but Wall endangered the rest of the field as well in an act that fans have referred to as a disgrace to the series.

The emotional tirade can be seen in the video below. Personally, I’m not all that familiar with how this particular series operates but the comments in the YouTube video seem to imply that spectators expect violent behavior out of racers in this format.

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