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Are “Cheap” Work Boots Better Than Expensive Boots? Let’s Test!

When it comes to picking out just the right set of tools for the job, it’s not always incredibly simple. Sure, you could try to go out and purchase the more expensive items but at the end of the day, expensive doesn’t always equal better. Even though some of the higher-end brands would like to have their potential customers believe that more expensive equals better, that’s not exactly always true.

When approaching these sorts of situations, it can be important to arm yourself with knowledge, otherwise, you might just be throwing away money on marketing. Sure, one brand may position itself as being much more awesome than the next but perhaps that’s just because they have a way bigger advertising budget and aren’t delivering as good of a product.

This time, the product in question is work boots. The question that we ask about these work boots is could a cheap boot that costs about $30 be as good as one that runs about $225? If not, how much better is the expensive boot?

In this one, the Project Farm YouTube channel is putting them to the test. While work boots might not be the most expensive tool that you ever purchase, they are still very much an important tool for those who are on their feet a lot so this is definitely one of the most valuable videos from Project Farm, in our opinion.

Down in the video below, we check in with the variety of boots that have about a $200 range at price. In testing, we get to see different features from protection to grip and even resistance to damage from hot surfaces. At the end of the day, it’s kind of hard to do a longevity and durability test but the data from this video can help a potential boot buyer to have the best info available when it comes to making the purchase.