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Are These “Magic” Pliers Really Capable of Cutting Rebar? Time to Test!

The more time that we spend on the internet, the more our “BS” detector comes alive. Completely lying about a product seems to be a way that some companies want to sell their goods these days. I’m not necessarily here for the sake of teaching marketing but I would venture to say that this probably isn’t a very good long-term business strategy.

This time, we check in with one YouTube creator who goes by the name of Funk FPV.

In this particular video, our host takes on one of these products that have been advertised in a way that seems too good to be true. The target this time is a pair of pliers that promises some pretty insane things. Apparently, according to our host, the advertisement that he saw made these things basically seem like they were magic. The pliers that are supposedly designed to cut the copper wire were shown cutting through a thick piece of rebar and even slicing through random tools.

The video seemed fake so why not pick up a pair of these pliers to try out for a little bit of content?

That’s exactly what the video here is designed to do. In the test, our host takes some time to figure out if this tool does really possess a little bit of magic somehow that he’s just missing or if the company who’s selling them might be a little bit facetious with its advertising efforts.

Down in the video below, we check in with the “FUTC” pliers that the seller insists should be in every toolbox in the world. Are these things super special for one reason or another that just doesn’t meet the eye or is it just another tool that is designed to trick the naïve into adding them to the tool collection with high hopes?