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Arnold Schwarzenegger Fills in Pothole After He Says He Waited 3 Weeks

Arnold Schwarzenegger may no longer be the Governor of California, but that hasn’t stopped him from actively engaging in community service. Recently, he was seen taking matters into his own hands by filling a pothole that had been left unattended by the city for over a month – what else is new?

Like many other citizens of Los Angeles, Schwarzenegger was frustrated with the government’s inability to keep the streets in good condition. Not only is a pothole inconvenient but could serve to do some serious damage to passing cars as well. Therefore, instead of waiting for someone else to fix the pothole, Arnold decided to do the job himself. With a shovel in hand and a little bit of blacktop, he got to work and quickly corrected the issue.

As expected, cameras were quick to follow the former “Governator” as he worked on the pothole. The scene was certainly not something you see every day, especially with a celebrity like Schwarzenegger doing manual labor.

This small act of community service shows that nobody likes potholes, whether you’re an average Joe or an A-list celebrity. Schwarzenegger’s decision to take matters into his own hands is a reminder that sometimes, we need to be proactive and take action to make a positive change in our communities.

Schwarzenegger has been an active proponent of community service throughout his life. He has been known for his work in philanthropic initiatives, including his work with After-School All-Stars, a non-profit organization that provides after-school programs for children.

When push comes to shove, the celeb’s act of filling a pothole may seem like a small act of kindness, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of taking action in our communities. It also showcases Schwarzenegger’s continued dedication to serving the people of California even after his stint as Governor has come to an end.