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Basic Mustang Hot Wheels Turned to Custom Ken Block Hoonicorn (Some Serious Talent!)

When it comes to one staple that ties together the vast majority of toy collections, we would be inclined to think that a Hot Wheels car or two has found its way into pretty much every child’s repertoire in one way or another. As one of the biggest brands to ever exist, most of us can remember some point in time when we broke out at least a couple of Hot Wheels cars to have a good time. In fact, I’m sure that many even got carried away with their Hot Wheels addiction at a young age.

While plenty of kids probably just had a good time playing with these toy cars, others took it to another level. These children would probably go on to become car enthusiasts as they grew up. I, personally, remember breaking out the art supplies and trying to customize my Hot Wheels cars in my younger years. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this sentiment, either.

This time, though, we check out Hot Wheels customization which is nothing short of an art form. When we join the Jakarta Diecast Project YouTube channel, we get to watch a typical diecast Ford Mustang as it’s taken apart and transformed into something else entirely. At the end of the build, we get to see a shrunken-down replica of the 1965 Mustang known as the “Hoonicorn” that many of us witnessed as a machine designed and driven by the lake, great Ken Block.

This customization isn’t as simple as a different set of wheels and maybe a can of spray paint to change the color of the body. Instead, our host goes to an all-new level of depth, completely deconstructing the car and building a body kit, customizing parts like turbochargers and engine components, and finally applying decals before getting to the finished product that looks just like the real deal!

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