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Best Saves & Near Crashes on Street Outlaws!

When it comes to competing on a show like Street Outlaws, making lots of horsepower is the easy part. The hard part is being able to get it to stick to the ground to propel your car to the finish line first.

It’s hard enough to take a car of the magnitude that we see on the show and send it down a well-prepared track. However, when removing the surface that is especially concocted to be able to handle a lot of horsepower and replacing it with a street that’s a lot more sketchy and isn’t going to take nearly as much power, things can go sideways… literally.

This time, we ride along with some of those situations that had competitors literally going sideways as they made their way down the street. The relieving part about the clips shown in this video is that every competitor managed to save their ride after it ended up facing the grass.

While having your car go sideways can be incredibly frustrating, this might be one of the most interesting nuances in a racing format like this. As drivers look to size each other up, they need to figure out exactly how much power they want to apply for that happy medium.

Don’t turn it up enough and your opponent is going to drive straight out of your life. Turn it up too much, though, and you’re going to end up in a video compilation of cars going sideways on the street.

With the footage below, we dial in with some of the most heart-stopping moments in Street Outlaws racing. Just when it looks like some of these drivers are going to be going for a ride that’s going to be pretty dangerous and expensive, things end up working out for the best.

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