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Beyond the Build: Constructing the 850 HP Giveaway Trackhawk

Here at Speed Society, some who know us are probably most familiar with our tendency to go away on some pretty awesome rides. As we have an insatiable need for speed, we do everything that we can to not just give away some of the coolest rides on the streets these days. We also try to spice them up just a little bit so that we’re sending our winners home with something more special than a factory performance machine.

For our most recent giveaway, we are offering up the opportunity for one lucky winner to go home with the most requested vehicle to ever be featured in the Speed Society giveaway. The monster up for grabs this time is none other than a brand spanking new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. In fact, when Jeep rolled into Speed Society headquarters, it had just 14 miles on the odometer.

Most would probably consider it insane to take apart a brand new Trackhawk but this is where we saw a blank canvas.

Those familiar with the newer Mopar muscle products know that in the case of the Trackhawk, the owner needs to put a couple of miles on it before they can modify it. Until the Trackhawk has 500 miles on it, some high-performance features such as launch control remain locked which is going to be a problem when it comes to tuning the Jeep.

In the video below that opens up Beyond the Build season 11, we check in with the new giveaway beast, showing off the base of what will become a very special machine. In the video, we show off some of the test drives that was a ton of fun before putting the all-wheel-drive supercharged monster on the dyno to see just how much power it will baseline before taking it apart to modify it.

Up Next, the build really begins as the Jeep receives a stage 3 package from Forza Tuning and Performance.

If this monster seems like something that you would be interested in adding to your own personal garage, click here to learn how you could win it!