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Beyond The Build Season 10: Behind The Fastest Car We’ve Ever Built! 1200hp “SGT SMASH”

Here at Speed Society, we pride ourselves on giving away some of the most awesome cars on the internet. Time and time again, we have picked up the freshest releases to the market and have taken the liberty of modifying them to make sure that our winners go home with something incredibly special.

I feel like I say this just about every time that we have another new giveaway but yet again, it really feels like we’re giving away the best one yet. This car is really something special and you’re about to see why.

“Sgt. Smash” is a car that started off life as your typical Dodge Charger Hellcat. Straight out of the box, this platform is capable of a lot. However, we took the liberty of turning up the volume knob just a little bit on this particular example. With a healthy dose of modification, Sgt. Smash would be transformed from a 707-hp monster to a 1200-hp beast that refuses to be tamed. This thing really packs on some serious muscle

In addition, this particular giveaway car takes on a challenge that is close to our heart. Every entry purchased for the machine will go toward helping with the Camaraderie Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to healing the invisible wounds of war. The Camaraderie Foundation does this through counseling, emotional support, and spiritual support for service numbers, veterans, and their families. Being able to help them is truly a huge bonus.

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to learn a little bit more about what it is that we think makes this individual ride so darn special. We think that it’s one of the most off-the-wall cars yet and hopefully, you’re going to love it!

If you’d like to enter to win this monster of a ride-along with helping the Camaraderie Foundation in the process, more details can be found here.

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