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Big Chief and Jackie Open up in Part 2 of Q&A

In the current era of technology, we can get closer to the story than ever. Back in the day, with any form of sport, we would simply have what the television cameras showed us and nothing more.

These days though, as we are inundated with everything from podcasts to vlogs and even Q&A videos so that fans can really get behind the scenes and know all of the details that they have been dying to learn about. That means that we don’t just get the short PR-centric sound bite but instead can hear how things play out in long-form.

Seriously, how cool is it that anyone can hop on YouTube and fire away questions for their favorite athletes or entertainers?

This time, those behind-the-scenes details just so happen to come from some of our favorite Street Outlaws.

Down in the video below, we get to join in with Big Chief and Jackie as they take us inside of a little bit of a Q&A. In this one, fans can get the behind-the-scenes action on what these two have been up to along with a little bit of an explanation of some of the things that might have aired and need a little bit more of a deep dive to really explain.

From questions about a particular setup to what’s going on at events or even clearing up some confusion about certain callouts during a race, nothing is off-limits.

Chief and Jackie sat down to answer some of the most intriguing questions from fans to continue to tell their story. In fact, we got such a deep dive that the session lasted nearly two hours. For those who might feel like they need a little bit more of a Street Outlaws fix, this is definitely the way to go about satisfying that need for speed!

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