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Big Marc’s “Back of the Track Race” – Boosted GT Shows up When Helleanor Goes Small, (Daddy Dave, Lutz)

When it’s a no prep that we’re talking about, we absolutely positively never know what could possibly unfold out there on the track. Even though a matchup might not be a sure thing on a regular prepared drag strip, the outcome is just a touch more predictable for those participating. On the other hand, in no prep competition, nobody really ever knows what’s going to happen. Anything from an underdog taking the spotlight to a car going sideways could come to life and that’s exactly what makes it all so exciting to watch.

This time, the crew behind the Helleanor Mustang takes us to the scene to participate in a no-prep event that shows off some impressive rides, all sitting on small tires. All of these cars are ready to rock and definitely have a punch to pack underneath the hood. When all that power is unleashed to the ground, you really don’t know what’s going to happen as some of these rides slide around and others plant down hard to make their way down the strip with a vengeance unlike you’ve ever seen before!

Follow along in the video down below that takes you trackside to catch up with all of the action as these cars are put in motion to make the best of the racing surface at hand. There’s even a special guest appearance from the one and only Boosted GT.

Who is going to find it within themselves to be able to gather together enough traction to get the power down and really take off on the rest of the pack? Well, I guess it is only one way to find out and that is to get into action! That’s exactly what we’re doing here so strap your seat belt and get ready for the ride because it’s most certainly about to be a wild one.