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BoostedGT vs Chuck Seitsinger’s Coyote Fox – Battle in Oklahoma!

If there’s one thing that we’ve noticed about some of the Street Outlaws fan favorites, it’s that they never stop racing. Whether it’s on the street while the cameras are rolling for television, at a No Prep Kings event, or at some other promotion, many of the racers who we find near the top of the leaderboard are those who just simply refuse to get away from the competition. It’s almost like these racers have it in their DNA to just keep on racing until they simply can’t race any longer.

This time, we check in with a couple of racers who definitely find themselves in a league of their own. The format, in this case, is Big Marc’s Showdown in the Shutdown, a cash days style race that brings the action forward a little bit, away from the starting line as to make sure that the surface is as close to the street as possible all while competing at Thunder Valley Raceway.

When the video of the action starts out, there’s plenty of nitrous to go around as we check in with a couple of competitors who show us how the surface works. Before long, we find the aforementioned familiar faces as BoostedGT rolls to the line next to Chuck Seitsinger. For those who don’t recognize the particular Fox Body Ford Mustang that Seitsinger is behind the wheel of, it’s a Coyote-swapped car that complements his main machine that we all know and love.

By following along with the video below from National No Prep Racing Association, we get the best seat in the house to see these pair of icons throw down with one another. On a no-prep surface, we absolutely never know how things are going to go so the only way to see how this one is going to pan out is to click play below.