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Blown F100 Burnout Monster Makes 800 GPH!

If there is one thing that we can’t help but absolutely fall in love with, it’s a classic that has properly been met with a little bit of modern flair. There’s just something about old-school design that really can send a chill down the spine. However, it’s hard to debate the fact that some of the more modern technology is nice to have on board. Not only are there many more creature comforts available these days but also the engines that one would put under the hood will create a lot more power and do so much more efficiently.

In this case, we check in with a truck the dates all the way back to 1958. The body in question comes from a Ford F100 but this isn’t like any F100 we have seen before. Instead, the classic has undergone many changes to give it a little bit of burnout/drag racing flare. This thing has been brought into the modern era with a ton of power.

The original plan was to take a Cummins diesel engine and use it to power this absolute beast. However, in lieu of that combination, we see a change of plans come to life with an LS v8 planted under the hood or lack thereof. In order to try and make it stand out from the pack, the engine is complemented by a massive supercharger that really puts a ground-pounding amount of power into the back tires.


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Below, we check in with this 50s pickup that certainly is a long way from what it once was. We aren’t even sure that somebody who originally built one of these things would recognize this build these days with such modifications in place. The result, though, is something head-turning that we absolutely loved sinking our teeth into.

Take the tour with AutotopiaLA and prepare to be amazed!