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Boat Owner Clobbers the Back of His Truck Trying to Load at Boat Ramp

To the casual bystander, boating might look rather simple. Just plop the boat in the water and drive it like a car, right?

If we take things in a kind of vague way, that might be relatively correct. It’s not exactly like owning and operating a boat is rocket science. However, there are certain aspects of the whole ordeal that are a little bit more difficult than others.

One of the areas that new boaters will probably find the most challenging is heading to the boat ramp. Again, with a little bit of guidance, we think that this is something that even the newest boaters should pick up on rather quickly. However, going at it without a little bit of guidance could be a way to end up putting yourself in a bad spot not only when it comes to danger but also when it comes to protecting your wallet. Things can get expensive in a hurry at the boat ramp.

This time, we check in with somebody who definitely going to need a little bit of guidance at the ramp. Apparently, when this individual decided to back up their truck, they took things just a little bit too far. As many astute commenters pointed out, the entire trailer is submerged underwater which is a no-no. Instead, backing up a trailer is best when a portion of it is perched above the surface of the water so the boat has somewhere to sit.

However, without having this one small but important piece of information, this boater was bound to cause some damage. The situation opens with the boat ramming straight into the back of the truck after it clears the submerged trailer. Unfortunately, though, that isn’t where the situation stops as we watch the vessel circle around and try again several times.