fb-pixel Boaters Move “Island” With Boats in Stunning Effort
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Boaters Move “Island” With Boats in Stunning Effort

When traversing Lake Chippewa, visitors may encounter a peculiar sight – boats seemingly moving an island. A viral video capturing this phenomenon has sparked intrigue, but the real story unveils a natural occurrence involving floating masses known as bogs.

While these bogs might resemble islands, they are, in fact, large floating masses that can either remain stationary or drift along the water. Despite their size, bogs can exhibit slow movement, and at times, they may pick up momentum, becoming obstacles in waterways.

It seems like a bit of a hassle as these large masses, resembling land, sometimes have a mind of their own, causing chaos to those who wish to use particular parts of the lake that can suddenly become blocked off.

Although not technically islands, these bogs are robust enough to support trees, creating an island-like appearance. We’re not sure if we’d be brave enough to explore them by foot for fear of falling through, but someone braver might be able to do so.

So, when a bog obstructs a water passage, a solution is needed. In the showcased video, a group of boaters joined forces to move the bog.

Discovering a bog blocking the water passage beneath a bridge, the boaters coordinated their efforts. They positioned the bows of their boats against the bog and synchronized their engines to initiate a slow but steady endeavor to relocate the massive island look-alike. Notably, this task is an annual chore, as the bog recurrently obstructs the waterway.

While the act of moving a seemingly floating mass may appear straightforward, the reality is that it required over two hours of concerted effort to successfully clear the water passage. This fascinating display showcases the challenges posed by these natural bogs and the collective efforts required to navigate and maintain waterways in areas like Lake Chippewa.