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LS Powered Mini Boat is the Build That Aquatic Dreams Are Made Of

One of the cool things for enthusiasts of the LS series of engines is the creativity with which people shoehorn this engine into just about anything that one can imagine. No, we aren’t just talking about all sorts of different cars and trucks. That ground has been covered as there are probably very few platforms left that have yet to see the likes of an LS engine.

Instead, it seems as if enthusiasts have managed to put these things in every kind of platform from trucks to planes and even boats. If you can name it, there’s a good chance that there has been LS power under the hood.

This time, we check in with a boat called a Fjordling that has received a little bit of LS lovin’. The tiny platform seems to be one that has quite the enthusiast following with plenty of people who are willing to take this small frame and apply big power to it in a variety of different ways.

@corvettefjordling #fjordling17ht #fjordling #v8 #fyp #corvette #redbull #lsswap @Sander Kristoffersen @Paul Erik @Erik Hansen ♬ original sound – Tore Helvig

With this particular example from the @corvettefjordling TikTok account, we check in with a machine called the “Corvetteling” because, as you likely guessed, it has borrowed the powertrain from a Corvette to propel it forward through the water and the result is something that’s a ton of fun to behold.

@corvettefjordling #fjordling #fjordling17ht #amcar #boatgang #fyp ♬ Turn On The Lights Again.. – Fred again

As far as exact details of the build, they seem to be a bit sparse on the creator’s TikTok page. However, from what we have gathered, the build boasts 400 hp which leaves us to believe that this mini monster is boasting an LS2 engine to get the party started

@corvettefjordling #fyp #fjordling #corvette #ls1 #boatgang #v8 #fjordling17ht #powerboat ♬ original sound – Tore Helvig