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Boeing C-17 Globemaster Flies Incredibly Low Through Middle of Australian City

Had you looked out your window and seen an airplane flying in between buildings, you’d probably rub your eyes just to make sure that what you were seeing was real life. Furthermore, seeing on the internet in a video would just double down on the fact that it’s probably not real.

With something like what we saw in a video that recently went viral, it almost felt like CGI even though the clip looked incredibly authentic.

Lo and behold, we did a little bit of digging, and we found this incredible piece of footage was absolutely real. The clip of the Boeing C-17 Globemaster flying through Brisbane, Australia does date back to 2018 but the recently viral clip almost makes us question reality.

Basically, the Globemaster is what the Air Force Likes to call “the most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the airlift force.”

So it’s an awesome plane, but what in the heck is the meaning of the footage? It’s not every day that we just see a plane slicing in between buildings, right?

According to the Brisbane Times, the display was all part of a preparation effort for a massive celebratory event that they call “Riverfire.” Apparently, Riverfire is Queensland’s largest annual public celebration as well which would certainly give us a bit of a hint as to why exactly something like this would be going down.

Down below, we get to check in with several videos that showcase this odd sighting. While the first video gives us a good view of the plane weaving through buildings, the second almost makes it look like the camera person is going to end up getting run over until the plane makes a turn at the last moment!

This is definitely not a display that we see every day which must be why the 2018 video is back in the news again!

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