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Brand New Camaro ZL1 Rolls From Dealership Lot to Vengeance Racing for 900 HP Upgrade

When taking a look at a 2022 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, we would think that most consumers would probably be blown away by the factory equipped 650 hp supercharged V8. In fact, it would probably take a lot of people a good deal of time to get used to that amount of power. I know that thousand-horsepower builds are thrown around left and right but 650 hp is still a lot of steam for someone to have under their foot.

For some of us in the car community, though, 650 hp just won’t do. Instead, some of us are even wild enough to take such a brand-new car and drop it off at the performance shop of our choice. It’s there that they receive modifications that can take them to the moon and beyond.

This time, we check in with the story of such a 2022 ZL1 that is pretty much brand new with just 87 miles on it. The owner of this car wasted absolutely no time figuring out that he had goals that factory performance just wouldn’t be able to satisfy. Therefore, he wasted no time turning the keys over to one of the best in the business to make the car scream just a little louder. Honestly, we’re surprised that he was even able to drive at home and to Vengeance Racing without even pushing the clock past 100 miles but at the end of it all, it seems like a great choice.

As we ride along for the journey this time, we get to see exactly how such a process works from the perspective of the customer. When it comes to working with a shop, sometimes, things can be a little bit confusing. This time, though, we learn straight from the customer’s mouth how exactly he feels about Vengeance applying their Magnuson street package to the car, turning this typical ZL1 into a 907 rwhp monster that’s able to operate on 93 octane pump gas.