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Brand New Hellcat Delivery Gone Terrible

The exhilaration of acquiring a new car is an exciting process that resonates with many, as enthusiasts meticulously choose the perfect vehicle before committing to bringing it home. However, not every car delivery unfolds smoothly, as witnessed in a regrettable incident involving the arrival of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody.

This particular delivery took an unexpected turn, and a word of caution is warranted, as the scene is cringeworthy to the core. The delivery person arrives with the prized Mopar muscle on a flatbed, but what unfolds during the unloading process is nothing short of a painful spectacle. Clearly, someone was either sleepwalking through the process or needed to go back to the drawing board.

The video posted by americanmuclehd below, though partially obscured by a phone pole, reveals a tilted trailer that isn’t low enough to smoothly unload the Challenger. In an attempt to rectify the gap, the delivery person opts to use pieces of wood to facilitate a smoother transition.

Unfortunately, a critical error occurs, or perhaps the individual overseeing the unloading was unaware that casually leaving the boards against the trailer isn’t a secure way to support the weight of a car.

As anticipated, chaos ensues – the car rolls forward, the boards slide out of position, and a resounding crunch echoes through the air. The impact is severe, leading to the entire rear bumper being ripped off. While the extent of the damage isn’t entirely clear, the car’s rear end bouncing off the trailer deck suggests potential additional harm.

In situations like these, one can only hope that the car’s owner or the delivery company has insurance coverage – maybe both. Nevertheless, even if compensation is secured, the blow to the owner remains palpable, akin to a gut-wrenching setback in the midst of the excitement surrounding a new car acquisition.