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Ultimate Fail or Win? – Dude’s Trailer Breaks Down So He Uses a Flatbed to Dump it in!

For those who are fans of watching YouTube channels like Alfred Montaner’s, they can tell us that some incredibly wild things happen at the boat ramp. Let’s just say that sometimes, inexperience can overwhelm in a place where experience is a very necessary trait to have in order to operate safely. Put that together with lots of traffic and tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, in boats, and you have yourself a formula for some pretty interesting situations on YouTube.

This time, we check in with a scenario that some people are probably going to see as completely crazy and others might just see as a stroke of genius. Exactly which camp one resides in is going to depend completely on your experience with boats.

The concept this time is simple. Apparently, the individual who owns this boat in question had a little bit of a trailer mishap as we can see by the two wheels on one side of the trailer pointing inward. However, with a willingness to overcome this situation, they decide to launch the boat anyway with the help of a flatbed tow truck. The idea seems to be to dip the boat and trailer into the water, disconnect the boat, and pull the trailer back on the flatbed.

Now, if this individual is just looking to go out for the day and somehow load the boat back up at the end of the day, maybe the plan was a bit shortsighted. However, if this trailer is going straight to the junkyard and the idea is to go find a new trailer, this is an incredibly well-executed plan regardless of the commentary that our host provides in this one.

In any case, by following along with the video below, you can make that decision for yourself. Afterward, be sure to chime in with your thoughts on the slick maneuver.