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Brock Lesnar Lifts Rings WITH A TRACTOR at Summer Slam

Over the years, the WWE has entertained tons of people with all sorts of high-flying acrobatics and stunts that really stay ingrained in the minds of those lucky enough to see them. Wrestling fans over the years can probably remember a couple of instances that will live on with them forever.

As WWE wants to stay on the top of its game, the organization constantly tries to one-up itself, making the production bigger, better, and grander than ever. This is especially true when the production finds its way to its special “pay-per-view” events. The biggest of such events go by Summer Slam and Wrestlemania, of course.

At WWE’s most recent main event, Brock Lesnar would face off with fellow WWE superstar, Roman Reigns. As two of the biggest names in the business, we knew that they were going to do something memorable to give the fans the best bang for their buck imaginable. However, exactly how they would follow through was something that would be left up to the creativity of the performers.

To the pleasure of old-school WWE fans, Brock Lesnar decided to break out an accessory, if you will, to help him make his way through the match.

Fans absolutely roared with approval and pleasure as Lesnar made his way to the ring with a tractor. In a display unlike anything WWE fans have ever seen before, Lesnar proceeded to approach the ring with the tractor and actually picked it up with the tractor’s bucket. Sure, some will argue that it’s hard to watch wrestling because the outcomes are predetermined. However, putting together a stunt like this is something that is definitely worthy of a look.

Down in the video below, the WWE Facebook page brings us a look at the action that had fans on the edge of their seats. This one definitely ranks up there among some of the craziest vehicle-involved stunts in WWE history.