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NASCAR’s Dirtiest Wins Really Make us Raise an Eyebrow

When it comes to competition in just about any form of circle track racing, there is a fine line between racing hard and racing dirty. On one side of that line, we find that drivers will do their best to remain competitive without running into one another. However, cross the line and you find yourself in a situation where there’s going to be a good bit of controversy and most likely at least a little bit of body damage as well. Once somebody races “dirty” or is perceived to do so, let’s just say that the opposition can get a little bit testy from time to time.

In NASCAR competition, sometimes, when a long event is coming to an end and only one driver can be the one to cross the finish line first, a competitor might do anything that they can in order to go home with that win. Unlike some forms of racing, a little bit of using the front bumper isn’t exactly illegal in NASCAR, either and it definitely happens from time to time.

This time, thanks to YouTube creator, MMCS, we get to dive into some of the craziest NASCAR encounters that many would consider as dirty. Certainly, some of these instances are going to draw their fair share of controversy and difference of opinion. However, in each and every one of them, a couple of drivers got tangled up in a physical incident on the track where either one or both would go home upset.

Down in the video below, we follow along with the collection of clips that showcases moments in NASCAR that have definitely gone down in history as some of the dirtiest. Which one of these instances do you think was the dirtiest of the bunch and which was just incidental contact that maybe should’ve been overlooked for this list?