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California Approves Ban on Gas Powered Vehicles and it’s Causing an Outrage

It seems as if those who enjoy gasoline-powered vehicles are going to have to say goodbye to them in relatively short order. The year 2035 might seem like a long way away but just 13 years seem to stand between today and the last ever combustion-powered vehicle to be sold in the state of California.

Just two years ago, the concept was set in motion via an executive order thanks to California governor, Gavin Newsom, who looked to rid the Golden State of all combustion-powered machines. Two years later, the California Air Resource Board voted that it would approve this idea to ban all gasoline-powered vehicles. Enthusiasts fear that this might be the beginning of the end for all production vehicles featuring a combustion engine with both electric and hydrogen power lurking over the horizon as rapidly evolving technology.

2035 isn’t the only year on the agenda of the California government, though. Instead, the rollout will happen slowly. The idea is to have 35% of California’s new vehicle sales consisting of alternate power sources by 2026. This is before the mandate escalates to 51% non-combustion in 2028 before eventually elevating to 100% alternative power by the year 2035.

In order to get ready for this change, naturally, there are massive upgrades that need to occur to get there. The California Energy Commission shows that there is a much-needed increase in chargers if electric vehicles are going to take over the roadway. Another common concern when it comes to the widespread use of electric vehicles is just how capable the energy grid will be when faced with charging so many cars at the same time.

As far as where exactly the idea of canceling gasoline-powered vehicle stands, the EPA still needs to sign off on it but all indicators seem to be pointing to the idea that there are no roadblocks between where we stand now and an electric-powered future in California.

Photo credit – David McNew/Getty Images