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Calling the Winner of Hellcharger LIVE!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on October 22, 2021

If you’re reading this then you probably know that here at Speed Society, one of our favorite things to do is give away some pretty awesome cars. In our most recent giveaway, we took your typical Dodge Charger Hellcat and combined it with some pretty awesome modifications to form the 1000 hp “Hellcharger.”

From there, we would not only offer up this insane sedan to one lucky winner. Instead, the car also comes with $20,000 in cold hard cash to spend as well.

This time, we take you along for the ride as we call up the winner to see exactly what their reaction is going to be to taking home such an awesome package if we do say so ourselves.

However, before we get there, we take a moment to dip our toes into the next upcoming giveaway. For those who feel like they might’ve missed out on Hellcharger, up next, we have yet another member of the Mopar family that is simply a monster.

In the video below, we are proud to present a teaser for our upcoming Demon giveaway. Not only are we proud to present the 808 hp factory supercharged beast of which there are only 3300 examples. You know that we also had to go and throw a little bit of a twist in the mix. You can find out the full details of what the giveaway brings to the table and how to enter by clicking here.

For now, though, tune in below to see the Demon up close and personal along with Hellcharger’s final moments at Speed Society HQ. We also can’t help but get a massive kick out of the reaction of just about every winner. Each reaction is different and we never really know what to expect as there aren’t very many people who have had the experience of winning a car before so we never know what we’re going to get!

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