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It’s Official, We’re Giving Away Stage 3 Forza Tuned Dodge Demon + $20k Cash!

Here at Speed Society, we’re all about giving away awesome machines. The most recent machine that you can enter to win might just be one of our favorites.

It’s absolutely no secret that Dodge took a swing for the fences when they released the likes of the Demon. With just 3,300 examples produced, the 808 hp still stands as the most powerful mass-produced car ever. In other words, Dodge not only released an incredibly limited production machine that would become an instant classic and collectible. They also delivered a monster that’s as good as it gets when it comes to the thrill you get when behind the wheel.

However, for as awesome as the Demon is, there are some performance enthusiasts among us who just can’t get enough. As we have such a need for speed and strive to give away the most awesome machines that we possibly can, Speed Society’s latest giveaway machine will be hooked up with a little something special.

While you can’t physically hold a tune in your hands, we think that it’s perhaps one of the important modifications that one can make. A proper tune most definitely separates the good builds from the great ones which is why we brought the crew at Forza Tuning and Performance on board to tune this beast of a machine after hooking it up with their Forza Tuned Stage 3 package.

In order to build upon the already awesome foundation, the Demon received some power-making goodies like Kooks long tube headers and green cats along with a full Kooks stainless steel exhaust. To bring what’s under the hood around full circle, we also elected to go with an ATI 10% overdrive damper and pinned crankshaft with an ATI pin kit along with Brisk Racing Spark Plugs and a Gates “Green Belt” and 160-degree thermostat. The car also includes an HP Tuners Unlocked PCM and HP Tuners Smart Access Cable for the wild among us who want to take the build even further.

Lastly, what good is power if it doesn’t make it to the ground? Well, it’s not very good at all, is it?

The last step in the Demon build meant installing a Drive Shaft Shop aluminum driveshaft and Per4mance Development Diff Brace. These mods go a long way toward making sure that you’re not one of those Demon owners that we see on YouTube with the guts of their car’s rear end spilled all over the track. While the supporting mods like this might not make the marquee, they’re just as important as anything else on the machine!

If this ride sounds like something that you want in your garage, click here to learn how to win!

Hellcharger + $20k cash and 10x launch week and Unveil of SSG 31! It’s time to call some winners! Who is gonna own this beast?